Stuff for Erik, Emma, Per (and, of course, Lina)

Strangers keep out!


KML file for Google Earth - approximate cave locations + campground location.

Name of the place we stayed at: Polana Rogozniczanska (Polana means clearing / meadow, Rogozniczanska is just a name). Located in Koscielisko village, near Zakopane.

Caves we visited

Black Cave

Original name: Jaskinia Czarna, pronounced: Yes-ki-nyah Ch-ar-na; ch like in chunk

Files: rigging diagram, plan, elevation

We visited: Jeziorko Szmaragdowe (Emerald Lake)

Snowy Cave

Original name: Jaskinia Wielka Śnieżna, without accents: Jaskinia Wielka Sniezna, pronounced: Vyelka Sh-nyeh-zh-na

Files: rigging diagram, plan, elevation

We visited: Suchy Biwak (Dry Camp)

Birds' Pit

Original name: Ptasia Studnia, pronounced: Ptasha Stood-nyah.

Files: rigging diagram, plan, elevation

We visited: Kaskady (Cascades)


Training of cavers in Poland

For Emma. An introduction and a longer text I wrote a couple of years ago.

Emma's photos


Adventures to plan in Poland in coming years

Summer caving

Two really tough adventures ("rambo trips").

(1) Snowy Cave - to the bottom. Bring more gear mules! The cave is very different below the Dry Camp (lots of water!)

(2) Birds' Pit - to Great Liar (Wielki Klamca) lake. Bring two teams - one rigs and then on another day the other team de-rigs.

Winter caving

Mostly very pleasant caving. Best season: early December to early March. On rest days, ski touring trips up to 1 000 m of descent possible. Some alpine (ski-lift) skiing also possible, but surely not as good as in the Alps (cannot compare to Sweden, though).

(1) Kasprowa Niznia. Warm-up cave. Just a 40 min approach, even in winter!!

(2) Zimna (Cold Cave), rigging. It is possible to reach the entrance in 1h in winter. Lots of climbing.

(3) Mietusia, rigging. And it's after all the SRT and cold lake, where the cave actually starts! Not very long approach, but long and tough caving!